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RAMDreams Games ~ The Snowmen and the Crown

Free the Kingdom of the Snowmen from enchantment by restoring their Lost Crown in this non-violent 3D adventure game.

Please choose the resolution you would like to play the game at.
(All resolutions have the same file size. Fullscreen mode can be used from any of the below links.)

Huge (1024 by 768)
Large (900 by 600)
Medium (750 by 500)
Small (600 by 400)

Please note that the game is about a 7 MB file and may take a few minutes to load depending on your connection speed. Also, these games require the Unity Web Player. Your browser should detect if your computer has the player installed and take you to the download page if it does not. For more information about the Unity Web Player, please visit http://unity3d.com/unitywebplayer.html.

(requires OSX 10.3 or later)
dmg - SnowmenCrown.dmg (15.9 MB)
zip - SnowmenCrown.zip (15.6 MB)

Windows Version Coming Soon!

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